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Friday, July 9, 2004

Burbank Memorial Omnium & Northern California Keirin Championships

Ed Steffani Memorial Hellyer Park Velodrome, San Jose, California

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2004 Results

Men’s Northern California Nevada District Keirin Championship
GOLD Stephen Alfred Family Cycling Center
SILVER Walker Starr
BRONZE Daniel Holloway Lombardi Sports/Klein
4th Gen Kogure Richey Organic Athlete
5th Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo

Women’s Northern California Nevada District Keirin Championship
GOLD Kim LaFleur Team Swift
SILVER Annabelle Holland Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
BRONZE Lori Nock Davis Bike Club
4th Julie Adams Palo Alto Women’s Bicycle Team
5th Mary Beth Novak Berkeley
6th Jen Coler Lombardi Sports/ Core Care
7th Kelly LaFleur Team Swift
Nock was relegated to 3rd place for advancing on the blue band and for not holding a line in the final sprint

Elite Men Omnium
1. Daniel Holloway Lombardi Sports/Klein
2. Walker Starr
3. Stephen Alfred Family Cycling Center
4. Giovanni Rey Team Walthour
5. Gen Kogure Richey Organic Athlete
6. Matt Young Sycip
7. Tinga Turner RH Villa
8. Horace McFarland RH Villa
9T. Nate Shaw Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
9T. Rob Evans Village Peddler
11. Bob Muzzy Morgan Stanley
12. Mike Audley Morgan Stanley
13. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo

Elite Women’s Omnium
1. Kim LaFleur Team Swift
2. Annabelle Holland Shaw’s Garden City
3. Lori Nock Davis Bike Club
4. Mary Beth Novak Berkeley
5. Julie Adams Palo Alto Womens Team
6. Jen Coler Lombardi Sports/Core Care
7. Kelly LaFleur Team Swift
8. Michelle LaFleur Team Swift

Masters Omnium
1. Vincent Gee Pacific Coast Cycling Club
2. Peter Allen USPS Masters
3. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo
4. Vance Sprock Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
5. Warren Geissert Alto Velo
6. Gary Yakota X-Men
7. John Simmons Shaw’s Garden City
8. Scott Dergender Morgan Stanley
9. Dean Haraguchi Shaw’s Garden City
10. Mike Audley Morgan Stanley
11. Kevin Fox Alto Velo

Masters 2 Mile Scrach Race
1. Rodamaker
2. Yakota
3. Allen
4. Dergender
5. Fox

Masters Point a Lap
1. Allen
2. Geissert
3. Sprock
4. Haraguchi
5. Yakota

Women Miss & Out
1. Kim LaFleur
2. Adams
3. Novak
4. Holland
5. Coler

Elite Men One Mile Scratch Race
1. Alfred
2. Holloway
3. Rey
4. Kogure
5. Muzzy

Masters Miss & Out
1. Gee
2. Simmons
3. Rodamaker
4. Geissert
5. Audley

Women Two Mile Scratch Race
1. Nock
2. Kim LaFleur
3. Holland
4. Novak
5. Adams

Elite Men Miss & Out
1. Starr
2. Holloway
3. Kogure
4. Turner
5. Alfred

Handicap Points Race Masters & Women
1. Holland
2. Novak
3. Nock
4. Adams
1. Gee
2. Sprock
3. Simmons
4. Allen
5. Rodamaker
6. Geissert

Don Peterson Madison Team Race
1. Team Lombardi Holloway & Walker 26 Points
2. Team Sycip Rey & Young 1 lap 13 points
3. Team RH Villa Turner & McFarland 1 lap 12 points
4. Team Village Peddler Evans & Gensheimer 1 lap 11 points
5. Team Morgan Stanley Muzzy & Audley 1 lap 4 points
6. Team Shaw’s Shaw & Simmons 2 laps
7. Team Freemont Freewheelers 3 laps

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